Wann endlich küsst du mich?
(2016) – Spielfilm


40th Montreal World Film Festival (First Films World Competition, Canada)
Max-Ophüls-Preis 2017


Buch & Regie: Julia Ziesche
Kamera: Jan Prahl
Montage: Daniela Hoelzgen, Gloria Zettel


Komposition/Produktion: Leonard Petersen
Musik Mischtonmeister: Christoph de la Chevallerie

Gitarre: Dave Bennett
Schlagzeug: Lucia Martinez
Pfeifen: Ronald Köhler




Four women, three generations, two pregnancies, one family. In love united, as they search for love. At the heart of the film are three strong female characters from three generations, teetering on the edge of a nervous breakdown. DORIS still wants to continue controlling the lives of her two daughters, whereby she loses control of her own. Her eldest is in search of herself, not realising that she has already discovered an awful lot. The youngest, on the other hand, has centred all her hopes and dreams on a baby.